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LIFFE slowdowns

Has anybody else been effected by the LIFFE technical issues recently. Fully down today with US 30y and bund dumping.


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They have just described it to my broker as 'serious' and have 'no idea' when it will be back running.

(translated: "We had just got back from the pub and now we can't be bothered to do anything about it.......... pass the gin Maude......."

Not bad for the one day of the year so far that FTSE has actually moved.


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Don't laugh :LOL: !
It actually happened. The system crashed and their back-up didn't kick in. After a couple of hours they discovered that somebody had accidentally pulled the power to the back-up :eek:


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This is complete Bollocks, Liffe is back up but some of the gateways are not working. Cannot get any Euribor prices but getting Sterling, another guy here gets the opposite. This is very incompetent. On the phone those Wankers are so relaxed about it too, they obviously never had a position in their miserable lives. The comment of the day "Well it hasn't happened for a few weeks now" !!!


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Ciao LIFFE, Boa Dia EUREX!


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Looks like someone slipped on the wires at the T2W hosting site
aswell, the T2W was unreachable for 3 hours..
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