Late trading.

Andy Shelter

Junior member
Could someone please explain to me (a relative newcomer) Blue Chip Trader's little coup yesterday evening.

He shorted Abbey Nat at 434.5 during the afternoon and covered it at 300p at 4.54 (when the midprice would have been around 450p).

Allowing for the 20 min delay, then BCT would have covered at 4.34, after the market closed and when market-makers had widened spreads to the silly levels they do out of hours.

I'm not getting at BCT, who appears to have pulled off a masterstroke, but can someone clarify how long after 4.30 we can trade without the order going on to the next morning, because I fancy having a go myself this evening.


Andy :cool:
I'll attend to it. Minor errors you guys all have to live with. Major discrepancies, either way, need rectifying. But they need to be self policing, no one is going to check anybody's trades, however they turn out , except fellow competitors.