Article The Power of Trading Around a CORE Position in the Currency Markets

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One of the key components of successful trading or investing, is the ability to trade around a CORE position. The “core” position as we say, is the main position of the investment or the primary amount of shares or contracts that you wish to have on during the majority of the time you are in a particular trade. Sadly, most people have no understanding of how to apply such a concept, and they plow into a trade or investment in just one single entry. Giving yourself one entry or at best two, has very limiting implications, but what is even more limiting is the idea of holding just 1 or 2 lots for the entire move.
It is true that a majority of market players approach the market in this fashion. They enter once or twice at best and they move into the next phase of the their trading plan which typically is to either STOP OUT on their trade or move to take profits and exit the trade. This is a very amateur and novice approach to the markets.
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Long term trend ?

isnt this just trading with the longer term trend ?......or am i missing something ?
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