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Kipper said:
If this proves to be successful for the rest of this year I will explain all at the end of the year and hopefully we can all prosper. In the meantime I will publish my trades based on the system for you all to follow.

Kipper - what was your purpose in starting this thread?

If it was for suggestions or help in designing or modifying a system, t2w members are pretty good at that and would have been eager to assist you. But it's the systems that interest - not just the current status of trades using it.

Why not just trade the system yourself and let us know at the end of the year if that's the timeframe you've given yourself?
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Kipper interesting that you have deceided to post your trades on a BB, as I myself have done this in the past I would like to pass on a few pointers firstly your trades will need to be posted as they happen or ahead of time to silence the pessimists second you will need to explain the rational behined a trade whilst not revealing the system itself something like looking to buy at bla bla level looking to take profit at bla bla level.

Also your system seems to advocate averaging down on loosing trades something that doesn't sit well with traders.

You don't mention what starting capital you had to make the £30k profit last year but looking at the figures you give I would say you would need a starting pot in excess of £30k to trade this system for the same profit level would this be correct ?


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Results mean nothing without at least some explaination.

Perhaps you would care to elaborate?



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What's it all about.....Kipper

JonnyT said:
Results mean nothing without at least some explaination.

Perhaps you would care to elaborate?


Such pleas fall on deaf ears and gives rise to the cynical thought that maybe he will offer this system for sale at some point.

Kipper, if you want to sell something you have to prove it is worth buying; Hence people here asking for realtime posts.

If you merely wish to share your "system" then post its' "mechanism" so all can follow it and chip in with their two cents worth. Plus real time posts of trades.

If you have nothing to sell, and do not wish to post the workings of your "system" to share with all then.....

I cannot see why you bother to post except to parade some egotistical trait. Perhaps what you really need is a diary you can scribble into each night. :confused:


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Sometimes you gotta listen which is what I have been doing for a while now. Kept in touch with this fellow and received the end of day sell signal on the dow yesterday which was 10205 made £800 following his £9 BUY JUN 04 WALL STREET at 10116 stated on here. Told you I would give you a mention 'Kip'.


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I'm pleased you made money on Kipper's secret instructions to you personally (he's filleted all his previously open posts).

But frankly, just going with someone's stock tips is a real recipe for disaster. One may work, even two.

Come back in a year's time when you're a millionaire off Kipper's largesse, and I'll eat my dogs.


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I thought the point was that kipper was going to show us how a system can sometimes fail. We were supposed to avoid trading it. It didn't fail this this time but buying at £9 a point at 10,116 gives a maximum draw-down of around £2,376. The profit of £800 came at a huge risk. I wonder what the loss would have been if the trade had failed? Its great if you can live with this risk but I can't have that much faith in a system I have no understanding of.
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