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Interesting but not much use if we don't know what criteria you use to enter and exit trades. We also don't know the draw down on these trades. This one could cause a lot of pain:-

£9 BUY JUN 04 WALL STREET at 10116

Why do you use City Index? Their spreads are about as big as any of the spreadbet companies.


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Kip's da MAN !


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welcome to the asylum Kips :)

hope your trades work out, and that we can work out what you are doing without the aid of some nicely buttered bread.



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Hi Kipper,

You have now created a bit of a stir with us all curious to your system !!
Good luck with it, and hope that you will divulge the mechanism to us - soon.



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Real Butter ?

....And what is your system?

Will you reveal the cost of said system after you have posted a few more winning trades?

And will FC put butter or margarine on his bread?...... :eek:


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Bread today..........jam tomorrow........... (maybe.....!?)....... ;)

sorry - I'll go back to the joke of the day thread....... :eek:


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What if the markets had collapsed this week? Do you use stops or just hold on hoping for a reversal? The last 18 months haven't been that volatile but looking back a bit further there have been times of extreme volatility and it would be interesting to know how your system would cope with these. As it is EOD, I would have thought it would be straightforward to get a 10 year back test. That would reveal if it works in different types of market conditions.


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Thanks for the reply Kipper. Will be interesting to see how you get on. I do think you should consider looking at how your system worked in previous years. If it worked well, it will give you a lot of confidence, if it had problems, you might be able to avoid them in the future.
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