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I proposed to start a thread in 2015 when FoMo was around, however, business commitments outside the trading arena contributed to me being unable to get it off the ground, I’ve adapted the format to reflect my current trading activities, which cover FX, Indices and Brent Crude.

I’m certainly no expert, and will never profess to be one; I have a trading plan, I trade the plan per say, my trust in its ability to deliver the rewards implicit.

For a short period, I will run a trading journal here not for any egotistical purposes, but to demonstrate you don’t have to sit in front of a screen for hours on end to be successful in the trading arena as a day trader.

I trade the 5 minute PA, any PA analysis above this period is of no interest to me, I will state my observations in advance of a potential trade (as I see it) what I’m looking at etc, then if the move realises, I will quote my entry with stop and target, (these will not be a recommendation but will be intended for illustration purposes only.)

I trade 4 hours a day from 12.30 to 4.30 (GMT time) only, targeting between 100 – 150 point/pips a week.

I won’t reveal the rules of my trading system, the purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate that with (any) robust trading system, it is possible to make trading a cash cow, even with limited trading hours and leave you free to do something more far interesting than trading.

I will be starting this thread from Tuesday 1st November 2016, if you wish to join me feel free, all I ask is that we keep the thread civil, polite, jovial and hopefully enjoyable.

Regards Rob (aka Dinos)


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Good to see you back, Rob! Good luck with the new thread :)



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What you are selling ? When you are going to get a vendors badge?


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What you are selling ? When you are going to get a vendors badge?
As Rob's been a member here for 13 years, I would imagine you would of heard by now if he was selling anything......:whistling
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