ISDN and ISPs help please


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Someone has just reminded me that do a package for £12.99 per month, but I'm told that this will be going up to £13.99 at the end of the month.

Onetel's package provides for an unlimited service and there are no other fees. However, they reserve the right to cut you off after two hours usage, which is par for the course these days.

Thanks for the tip about Freeserve, Roger. I last looked at this about six months ago - when I was forced to move away from BT - but they were not offering ISDN at that stage.

IMO This is real cat and mouse stuff and I can hardly wait until we get "broadband" in this neck of the woods.




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Mayfly - Same here for darkest Devon, but at the last count only 17 had registered for ADSL on our exchange and BT want 400, so not holding my breath! I think that you'll find freeserve's 64k ISDN a massive improvent over dial-up modem, and unless you want to download massive files (software, music etc) you'll barely notice the difference from 128K.


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Hi Roger,

BT will be upgrading our local exchange on 9th July 2003 and not a moment too soon.

They were more generous in our case, setting the trigger levels at 300. We achieved this level of registrations in about two months, although this is probably due in the main to "our" local campaign for broadband - you can read more about the campaign here:

We're also agitating for the introduction of a Wireless Network and we're hoping that we'll see this rollout out at the end of May.

In which case, we'll be going from famine to feast if we're really lucky - and I'm waiting to see how things pan out.



PS I forget to mention that there are no tie in periods with Onetel, which is important to me in the light of the imminent arrival of broadband in my area. :D


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local trigger set at 400, 5 takers showing and months later we still hadn't topped 10... 8 months or so later I check and suddenly it just says we're getting it 6 June! You can never tell really, I think dodgy accounting is involved at some point but we definitely went from 'no chance' to 'book now' in a heartbeat!
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