Is there a problem with the quotes?

Within the Share Competition, the 20 min delayed quotes seem to be stuck! They are not getting updated...
I don't know if other sections of the site are affected but the Competition is!

My RBS sell was executed 12p below the correct bid price, and my CS short was executed at the wrong prices too!
Hi Monty,

Not sure what happened there with the feed, but sounds like we had some problems. Was anyone else affected by this? Monty, do you want me to update your trades with the correct prices, if so let me know what the trade should have been at, and at what time.


I bought RBS first thing this morning. The opening price quoted was wrong... I don't know where the system got it's figures from but they are not right! Same with BARC...

RBS hasn't been anywhere near 1400 today. According to ADVFN it opened at 1386 but ADVFN is not always very trustworthy...
Your opening price is 1366 so I guess my trade would have been a little above that. Sorry I don't have an exact figure but that 1406 price is making me a loss


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