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Good Morning Everyone!

I've been paper trading the Dax futures (scalps) with much success using stochastics. However, I'm concerned that in real life things are never quite as simple. Disregarding emotional issues, what are the execution times with IB with regards to fills?
Also are there times of the day when fills become significantly slower or become a problem?

Many thanks in advance for any help.



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It's instantaneous if you hit bid or lift offer. Try the eurostoxx as it lower tick size and less volatile.


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Hi Just21

Yes, but the Stoxx doesn't have the range the DAX has, which seems to trend quite nicely. I see you're point with regards to tick size though.



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Hi JonnyT

I intend to use Button Trader as it allows fast and simple order inputs and stop losses. I suppose it wise to use limit orders only?



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I cant see why anyone would trade DAX with the current margin at E9000. Why not trade FTSE with similar vol at only £2000 initial margin and trade 3 times the size?



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The system I trade on the DAX has generated 55 trades since 26 Jan. My average slippage per trade is 0.009pts per trade over that time. Good enough for me! It does depend on the system you use though. I used to run 2 systems on the ESTX one had effectively zero slippage, 0.07pts in 160 trades, the other averaged 0.7pts over 28 trades. Clearly it depends what you are entering on. If you are entering on breakouts where the price is likely to be moving fast your slippage is going to be greater.
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