is forex 'manipulated'


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When there's money involved, everything is manipulated. If I had the money to do it then I certainly would.

Very true. In simulation, I made it big in several well known mutiplayer games. Once I attained a certain size, I controlled the market to the point of dictating prices as a widely recognised authority. Real markets are no different, and I'd play it the same way. The critical factor is your size. Once you attain a certain size, all the little fishes become your lunch, and the market will move to where these lunches are.
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is forex manipulated? hmmmmm I always believed it was!! by the big boys banks and corps, but thats the beauty of it, is figuring out what the next step will be! :)


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lurkerlurker said:
I would take an educated guess that manipulation occurs to aspiring traders after the fact, when they are in need of a reason for their losses or failure to make sufficient progress. It appeals to various forms of human weakness to shift responsibility to an overbearing outside factor (e.g. powerful entrenched interests in the financial markets in conspiracy against the little guy) over which the individual has no control. Are losses the fault of manipulations or the fault of the individual for predictably playing into the hands of the manipulator?

Equally true, that reason can only be true because the person believes it to be happens when we all reach a level of understanding but not knowing that there is further more to see. The reality is much deeper but the question is does one wish to investigate and ask the right questions?
Was it not Clint Eastwood said in a film "A man has got to know his limitations" do we know what we know is true?
To me, limitations are self created illusions.....they don't really exist.....all created in the mind.
Now it is when one sees the depth of ones investigations, one sees something which seems invisible to see, impossible to know.....yet it only make sense when you reach the end.


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I see a lot of comments on a few threads now about asking the 'right questions', from different posters. Well lets assume that there are right questions that exist, and that these posters have all asked the same right questions.

What are these 'right questions' then Triggerfish (or lurkerlurker if he wishes to participate)? Perhaps these are questions I've already asked, perhaps not. Lets try to progress the thread onto something substantial.
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