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Not much on at the moment, so I was looking at Reuters page and found an invitation to complete an IQ test.

It said I did OK with 115 and described me as an 'Inventive Inquisitor', "a creative thinker and uniquely good at teaching others through experience, unusual distinction of being equally good at math and verbal skills"

WOW, Is this the real me? Actually it is quite accurate.

I was wondering if anyone knows if any studies have been done comparing the all time great 'traders' with IQ and/or birth signs etc. I know from my days in sales management that there was a definite correlation with certain birth (star) signs and successful sales people, unfortunately I don't have any data now to tell you which was which (if anyone was interested).

Any comments? Know of any studies?

Anyone who wants to see what their IQ is can go to:

did this one some time ago on another board.

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136 and facts curator
but Ive only just rolled out of bed and havent shaved or had my first fag yet

what the hell is a facts curator ?
dustbin ?

apparently Bill Gates is one as well

unfortunately there are some big differences between us
his net worth has several more commas
and I prefer DOS.
I don't tend to like IQ tests as they tend to be a bit ambiguous e.g. the odd one out in the fruit question. The obvious answer is a coconut, but its only the odd one out because it is hard, which isn't exactly a great answer. The banana is also an odd one out as it is the only herb amongst them (and I'm never sure if the things which say bananas are fruits are entirely right as I thought fruits had to come from trees whereas banana plants are herbs not trees).

Well I only got 120 on that test so I guess I must be a bit thick but it did say that I was an Imaginative Mastermind and have an ability to imagine things that you have never seen before.

The problem with all of these things is that there is no measure of creative intelligence and how could there be as there is only one correct answer to any of the questions asked.

On the BBC Nationwide IQ test the best group were City Traders believe it or not who averaged an IQ of around 111

Still a good bit of fun though

After I'd managed to find the website :confused: :rolleyes: I managed 127. Least I'm not a smart a*se :cheesy:
That coconut one is crap. An unripe banana is try eating one :cheesy:

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Coconuts and Bananas ? I must have done a different test as there was none of that on the one I did.

I was thinking about that. They must change them or we could keep going back. Mind you, I don't know who we're supposed to impress. Looks like they want your $$$$. Too smart for that though :cheesy:

In view of the fact that your score was 143 which is significantly above genius level, do you think that being so intelliegnt is hampering your trading success as you stated that, so far, you are a net loser ?

Trader333, you might be right there. It's no good knowing things that the market doesn't :cheesy:
Hi Paul,

Who said I was a net loser?

I'm a net loser day trading indices, but I've compounded my overall pot at more than 27% for the last five years! I've not traded more than 1 contract of S&P or FTSE and am down < £1K now over nearly two years.

I agree being a genius might be affecting the day trading of indices but it helps in other ways ;)

BTW I'm also incredibly practical, building houses, plumbing, renovation I do it all. Oh and I was paid to kick a ball around.

I'm also an arrogant, egotistical maniac.