DTN IQ Feed into MetaStock Pro V8


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A few Questions...

Does anyone use this combination?

Is it easy enough to set up?

I'm currently running IQ Feed into QT (which is great), but MetaStock looks a bit more of a handful to get going on a RT basis.

Also, are there any ex- or even current TS2000i users who use(d) both and prefer MetaStock?

I'm a long-term MetaStock (EOD) user and have a certain degree of comfort with it. Had a brief look at TS2000i and although seemingly more fully functional than MetaStock doesn't seem to offer me any particular advantage for intraday trading.

Am I missing something important between the two products as TS2000i seems massively more popular?


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Caan't help you compare TS & MS but here are some extracts from a TSvs Linnsoft IRT thread I recently read and which may give you pause for thought

jeraldgunnelson wrote:

am currently using trade station---and considering linn soft--anyone
able to shed light on pros and cons of each?

Re: [LinnSoft] linn software vs trade station

Basically, TS just let's users use the price bar format to graph custom indicators. There are a maximum of 4 outputs for each CI (probably from the original open, high, low, and close) and each output can be graphed as a line, histogram, point, cross, bar high, bar low, left tic, or right tic. I've attached a jpeg of a chart to give you an illustration of how this can be used.

I run both, side by side, as they each have certain features that I need. I find IRT to be much more intuitive and flexible and the support is much more responsive. TS has the name and the proprietary systems, but is shockingly primitive in some simple things like scaling a chart, probably because it is still written in Pascal, a computer code from 30 years ago rather than a newer object oriented code like C++. It does, however, have 'bar high' and 'bar low' options for graphing an indicator, which means you can shade support and resistance areas below and above each bar "

All I can say is that TS 2000i could lose its support as did earlier TS versions and it is in "old" code. Think about IRT if you haven't already - you may be pleasantly surprised by its flexibility and capability. I have no connection with IRT other than that of a satisfied user - although I haven't direct experience of TS2000i I believe IRT can do all TS can do. One of the things that put me off TS when I investigated it was "easy language" which I thought was not.


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another bit of irt/ts stuff

I have been a Tradestation user back from the days of Systemwriter from Omega. Only recently have I abandoned TS to focus on using IRT as my main charting package. My reasons stem partly from the Cruz brothers themselves but also to the fact that you still can’t test a system on multiple securities at once. It’s still on a security by security basis. Neither system will let you test on a portfolio level.

If you like to scan for certain setup conditions IRT is much, much, faster than TS. Radar screen is a separate add on to TS so your costs begin to go up with each module. On the flipside TS does take care of the data maintenance and there is something to be said for that. If you like to trade off indicators the flexibility of IRT can’t be beat. If you want to incorporate and test on a separate data array within your system you will have an easier time with TS than IRT because you must use the IRT SDK to have any kind of IF THEN loop.
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