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PM: = Paul Mullen (Interviewer)
JF: = John Forman (Forex Analyst)
You can listen or download this interview by clicking this link:
Forex Analyst Interview mp3
PM: Hello to everyone, from Trade2Win. Today I have John Forman with me, who is a professional Forex analyst. John is also an author, and has written a book called The Essentials of Trading, and if you wish to contact John, then details of how you can do this will be available at the end of our discussion. So, a very warm welcome to you John, and the first question I would like to ask you is what is a Forex analyst and what do they do?
JF: Well, in my case, I work for a division of Thomson Reuters, which is a name probably most people know, on one level or another. It’s involved with what we call "real time analysis." We’re a third party. We don’t have anybody that’s managing money or...
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