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I am considering this charting software
for trading the Dow index on a daily basis.

Has anyone had any experience with Indexia as they
have been around for many years. Their Filters
and Market tracker look particularly good.

Any info would be most appreciated.



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Hi cashtrader , Not familiar with the new version of indexia, i was an indexia user when back in the days of dos, and have to say back then it was a great product, the tracker worked well and the best point & figure charts around, also the indexia filters worked very well, i hear different stories these days about the product and the after sales service, if as good the old version you cant go wrong, im sure there are a few guys on here that can tell you more than i can about the current product.

Regards mark


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Indexia bought out UPDATA and I understand that they trade
independantly. Indexia have web- site which is nos1 on Google
so they must still be very active.


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cashtrader, i used to use indexia - very good software and good indicators but time has marched on. it doesnt like windows xp. i really suggest you try updata technical analyst. free trial at it is really a windows indexia with all indexia's charts and tools.


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Indexia sold out to Updata and Jeremy Du Plessis who owned Indexia developed Updata's Technical Analyst (as stated) as a Windows version of Indexia. The Indexia Users Area is barely alive.


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Updata Technical Analyst is J du P's windows baby and after a rather rocky start has settled down and is now all that Indexia offered plus a lot more. Look carefully at what the updata data feed offer though before you decide as it is is limited to LSE, NASDAQ + LIFFE in RT. It includes a host of worldwide equity exchanges on a EOD basis but if you want US or European futures RT you will have to pay for another feed and exhange fees as well as the Updata sub.

Have a look at the software guide and the software reviews and don't be too influenced by the Updata knockers. Try it free for yourself - nothing to lose

If you check the Indexia site by trying to buy you will see it refers you to Updata TA
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I have my copy and dongle for Indexia 11 Plus....will be willing to sell it to you for.........lets see now...U'm ...a £50..say

I was sold the sodden thing for nearly £900.00 before the organisation was acquired by the Aussie....but be aware it is unsupported and only works with Disk Operating Systms [Dos]


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with ref to Rognvald's 'Updata Knockers' comment, I think it's only fair for me to go on record (especially as a competitor <g>) ... from everything I've heard, and items I've read on here, the support issue that I found wanting has been resolved. They have a good feed (provided they cover your interests of course) and a good program, I have always thought Jeremy was better than Updata deserved and it looks like they are rising to his standard so to speak.
R - Please remove me from the 'knockers' list ;)
I will, naturally, fail dismally to send potential customers their way, but I genuinely had a valid complaint and comments of 'it's not like that any more' are frequent enough to suggest my complaint is no longer valid.
Jeremy has an article on 1 box reversals in the latest issue of 'The Technical Analyst' for info, which is a bit short but worth a look if you have the chance - anyone who has read De Villiers will already know it but those who haven't will find it useful.
I can't but help respond to one fairly common comment about people not drawing the charts correctly - 1 box reversals are specifically for use with tape reading, they chart 1 point moves. I would strenuously argue that the esignal 1 minute bar covers the data more than adequately - accessing that data at API level the latest bar is actually not a 1 minute compilation, it updates constantly until the minute ends at which point the OHLCV 'sets'... a 1 min bar is really more like bars up to to 1 min ago, plus the last bar which is updating as ticks arrive.
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