Independent retail traders who have become institutional traders or reached the financial levels.


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I am looking for any examples of traders who started out as true retail or independent traders and actually made it to an institutional level. Marty Schwartz (pit bull) is something close to that, though guys who bought exchange seats are a bit different. I am sure there are people who developed quant research or systems that we brought to trade by big quant funds or small ones. I am really looking for any traders who went from retail size accounts to eventually getting up to major institutional level.


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Well, actually there are quite a few of these people, many of them even run open blogs on this topic, where they show their statistics and trading history and all their technical details that they use in their work. I think they're not that hard to find on the internet or social networks. The main thing is not to get involved in all these dispersals of demo accounts and so on is such nonsense, which is not worth the attention of a trader who wants to learn something, and then even what you find and see is worth more than once to practice and see if it suits you and if you can apply it yourself in your daily trading. But I also like watching videos that show different strategies and so on is a great tool.

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