Images of our trading environments


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Lockstock. Don;t worry about the other picture m8!

I have the solution :D

You will have to put an edit under the picture though so people can follow new viewing instuctions.

'Look directly at picture. Keep head straight. Then very quickly shake head from right to left and back again.
Repeat until image is clear or you fall off chair owing to dizzy spell.'

FTSE Beater

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HI Keano

I'm sorry, but I don't think you've thought of everything :rolleyes:




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Yep, it does need adapting, don't know if it's visible on the sh*ity pic, but the keyboards would then have to be lifted3 to 4" or I'd be kneecapped every time I pulled them out.

Should have done it at the weekend, but ran out of time, with all the 'puters out in the open, priorty was getting them back inside.

The desk is actually an old Physio table, salvaged from a job


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My desk is salvaged from a surgeons table.

Is that why all my trades flatline?


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That looks very serene Lockstock.

Reminds me of the episode form 'Married with children'. Where Al Bundy and his family came over to England and everything centered around a village that was always in light, and a village that was always surrounded by darkness.

Did they shoot it on location at your house?

PS. Did you get the wife to take the picture?


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Hi Options,

No just a piccy that reflects my personallity & also my trading patterns.




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<marquee scrollamount="4"><img src=""></marquee>

<marquee scrollamount="6" direction="right"><img src=""></marquee>

<marquee scrollamount="4" direction="right"> :LOL: ;) </marquee>
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