Images of our trading environments


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Images of Our Trading Enviroments

How about a thread with images of where you are all trading from, either inside or out.

Just had all the computers, desks, the whole shabang out in the courtyard at the weekend & put a new floated timber floor & fitted nice new red carpet.

It was the old wash room with copper boiler & fireplace. Now with a woodburner. Looking very cosy. Could live in 'ere :cheesy:


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That's what yer get with a cr*p camera.

Gonna get someone to club me over the head now.

But just look at those two big cushions - looks nice and comfy.

And he's got almost - but not quite - as many post-it notes as I have all around my screens.
Re: Images of Our Trading Enviroments

lockstock said:
How about a thread with images of where you are all trading from, either inside or out.

Hi Lockstock

There's a wonderful section in the gallery for PC trading set-ups :cool:

PC Gallery

HTH :)
:rolleyes: Sadly, I do believe it's a finger in the lens. :)
And an unfortunate cough at the moment of shutter release.

Or it really is a beer barrel, obviously needed to cure the shakes.

Doctors orders of course, only one a day. Did he really mean one barrel a day though Lockstock?
I think you lot are just cruel to Lockstock - everyone knows that the Heart of Norfolk is right in the middle of a localised earthquake zone. :cheesy:
LOL! Why? Do all trades bomb in Norfolk then?

P.S. We're only having a grin Lockstock, so no offence intended m8. I'm just pleased that there is someone who wields a camera worse than me.

P.P.S I do think though that it's about time you changed that Brownie for a more modern model.
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Chairs ok, desk is too high hence the cushions. Was a bit embarrassed when I posted it, it does look sh*te.


Sadly not, it's actually a world globe. Only thing this trading room is short of.


No, it's just a rubbish camera that came free with the 'puter, connects via the USB lead.... It's got about 7 pixels.

FTSE Beater.

Excellent, I haven't seen that before. Cheers

Right :eek: I'll have to post a decent pictureLOL

Jeez what have I started???????????????????????
could you turn down the brightness on those screens please.

they are giving me eye strain.

"Chairs ok, desk is too high hence the cushions"

Well cut the legs off the desk then, Tsk, that's a simple solution. Saves you plumping up the cushions everyday.

Why go the simple route when you can use a sledgehamer to crack a nut?
Like to be able to trade from wherever i am. Here's my set-up:


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Lockstock. Don;t worry about the other picture m8!

I have the solution :D

You will have to put an edit under the picture though so people can follow new viewing instuctions.

'Look directly at picture. Keep head straight. Then very quickly shake head from right to left and back again.
Repeat until image is clear or you fall off chair owing to dizzy spell.'

Yep, it does need adapting, don't know if it's visible on the sh*ity pic, but the keyboards would then have to be lifted3 to 4" or I'd be kneecapped every time I pulled them out.

Should have done it at the weekend, but ran out of time, with all the 'puters out in the open, priorty was getting them back inside.

The desk is actually an old Physio table, salvaged from a job