I'm New To T2W - Where Do I Start?

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Enson Cyruz

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Hi, guys, I'm Enson cyruz. Glad can join here with this forum. Looking forward to getting to know many things about forex. I'm also a trader but not very old.


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Hey you can call me schizo.... I know this forum. I like it. I like the mods. Just wanted to say Hi and that I'm here to share my strat. The crazy guy is back.


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Hello everyone, my name is Mey Kelly, living in Orlando, FL. I'm new on this forum and new in trading in need of your experiences on Stock Market. I'm eager to learn more!
I wish you all a successful 2019!


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Hi everyone.
I’ve been trading (part time) for couple of years with modest success. I’d like to improve my skill set by following other traders’ feedback and share my tips and thoughts.



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nice to be part of this site just joined now and there are a lot of page already open to read . just post now to say hi to all and thank you for this useful thread .


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