I'm New To T2W - Where Do I Start?

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I am new

Hello! I am new to this board. Started trading about a year ago, still working on perfecting my strategies, but it all comes with experience. I joined your group to share my experience and hear what others are saying about the market.


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welcome to everyone !

as ive been saying around the forums recently ......dont be afraid to ask questions about your trading

we all started somewhere ......everyone was a beginner at some point and i can still (vaguely) remember back in the early 1980s being shown how to trade by the guys on the Shell Oil Trading floors (my first company)....

I was so wet behind the ears i needed waterwings !!!!

anyway ask away .........there are some great traders here happy to help

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Hi I am a newbie to T2W but not to the industry.
I am here to learn new things and as I am a bit of a techno phobe but contrarily I am into Algorithmic Trading I hope i can learn or as to what sort of things work in that field and what doesn't.
Hello all,

I'm an active trader and former commodity fund manager here. I recently started a blog where I share some of my views on the markets using an analytics platform I've developed. I'm hoping to exchange views here and network a bit.


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