I'm new to forex trade and ready to learn in other to become a professional trader.


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Hi there, it's true that trading is not a job, it's lifestyle. You can't just work some hours a day or learn some strategies to become succesfull. If you want to become a professional, than you should change the way how you think. I consider myself as a pro-trader and I know what I'm talking about. FIrst of all, read a lot educational trading literature, like Williams, and trading blogs. You should learn all the basics of trading and mathematics. Secondly, learn to control yourself, including emotional control. And the last one is to take in habit to check financlial news all day long, to catch trading possibilities. If you do so, you will become a true professional :)


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I do recommend learning about trading with books and watching the youtube videos and demo account. Demo account is a must.
Once you are ready, try the real account.


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Don't try to study all directions of forex at once and become a specialist in everything. It is normal if you move step by step and gradually learn new features of this direction in trading. In general, it is very interesting to observe the development of a trader who is just beginning his way, what questions and difficulties he has, how quickly and correctly he solves them. I am very pleased with the fact that the adherent of trading becomes more and more every year. Traders do not forget that they need to develop, almost every week there are some new strategies and approaches, some of which are extremely entertaining. I wish you success in your career as a trader.


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First of all, you should understand that trading is a serious work, that involves a lot of learning and analysis. Trading is not simply about ask and bid, it's the industry that involves economy, investments, finance and politics and you should be at least awared in all of these spheres to understand how market will act. I may suggest you to start with reading articles on CNBC and Bloomberg and trading on demo account. After you will get theoretical knowledge, you may move to learning technical analysis and how indicators works.


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I'm new to forex trade and ready to learn in other to become a professional trader.
Do you have any experience playing at demo account? I think there is no universal how- guide but there is definitely a path when you try, fail and try to understand the reason of the fail including help of the forum members.


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babypips has a decent academy ......just dont buy anything from the prowling sharks there....N
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