Novice to Professional


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Sep 21, 2018
hello guys i am starting this thread to post specific trading and knowledge issues across markets lets help each other to become a professional trader


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Sep 20, 2018
Hi sho39, please share your trading experience and knowledge first..

i am doing stocks trading for last 3 yrs and started forex recently.......but
we all are working here and have some amount of knowledge, so share your week parts or misunderstanding so that we all can help eachother to make it understandable and gain knowledge with that.........:)


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Nov 2, 2018
we also try do trading is almost 5 month now, still more practice on it, i have try demo account Forexmart but spread is too big, and i dont use it anymore . just recomended with demo account which is comfortable to you
Aug 15, 2018
A bit generall trading isights from several years of trading:
- Education first. Read as much, as possible, but never, never buy trading courses from "gurus".
- Develop your own strategy and always trade according to its rules. No emotional trades allowed, they`ll destroy your account.
- Be ready to pay fro the infromation. The best advanced newsfeed like Briefing and IQFeed will cost you money, but save your time on the research. And sometimes it is extremely important to get information immediately, not when it will be reposted to the popular website.
- Try to have the best hardware you can afford. Its speed and performance is your success. Use your trading station for trading only, do not install non-trading software or to visit websites that potentially could harm your system.
- Search for new approaches to make your trading better. Develop your own reporting and recording system using Evernote and Excel, backtest your ideas (with the help of Tradingview built-in tester of Forex Tester). In other words, think about the trading as about the business and do everything that could save your time, money and efforts.
- Build up a community around to share ideas and discuss trading issues. It is quite difficult to trade when you are home trader.