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I've just completed registration with IB and subscribed to SierraCharts. That was bad enough but the nightmare seems to be just beginning in learning how to configure it and use it all!

Are there any training courses to simplfy and speed things up? I'm not one for wading through pages of instructions and computer speak and learn quicker in a training environment. Any ideas?

I'm currently trading FTSE Futures successfully with GNi using J-Trader software and Realtick charts. IB seems to be the way to go for cheaper deals with the ability to automate trading and Sierra is vastly cheaper as a chart feed.
Hi TS,

Just ask whever you need to know here. It's really quite intuitive when you get used to it - honest :)
Hi Trendspotter

You have my deepest sympathy :(

To get the data into sierra, you have to have the TWS (trader work station) software running. Then in sierra goto File->Data Source Settings.

Server name = IB
Username = (Ib User Name)
Password = (IB password).

I think the ticker is LZ`H for the ftse futures, so to open that chart, goto File-> New/Open intraday chart, and in the Filename box type in LZ`H and then Open.

You should start to see the data coming through.

You might have already got this far, but just in case you haven't I thought I would type this up.

HTH :)
So there is light at the end of the tunnel!
I'll give it a try in the next few days once I've paid my deposit and margin to IB.....no doubt I'll be back soon!!
Thanks for your help.
IB FTSE Future symbols - are you sure?


Those look like the eSignal FTSE symbols to me, which I use in TradeStation. I can only get SierraChart to work with IB if I use:

Z-200303-LIFFE (March 2003 contract)
Z-200306-LIFFE (June 2003 contract)


Yes You Are Right

Yes you are right and I know what has happened so will delete the above post. I used IB with Tradestation and then, very recently, loaded esignal which I think converted the symbols to esignal format.

Thanks for letting me know

IB and TradeStation


I assume you were using one of the third-party interface bits of software to connect IB to GlobalServer. If so, which one, and did it work Ok?

Tradestation with IB

Hi Paul,

I was using MetaserverRt which was very good and very reliable. I am using esignal for an entirely different reason otherwise I would still be using IB with Tradestation.


IB & TradeStation

Thanks for the info, Paul.

I currently use eSignal to drive GlobalServer, but I've also got an IB feed and maybe will set up IB as a redundant feed in case of problems. Plus, IB's definitely a fair bit quicker on LIFFE (for now anyway, I know eSignal are improving things at the moment).