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I wonder if somebody could answer a small query that I have?
I am running Sierra Charts using a my track feed, but have transfered over to an IB feed, to trade Dow Futures. The info from the IB feed seems to be delayed for about 10 mins. Can sombody let me know what I need to do to get it onto real time etc.
Many thanks
Hi Peter,

The IB feed is realtime only...

I take it you are talking about YM on ACE the Dow emini?

Remember with IB the feed data comes directly from the quotes so as such they do not provide a delayed data feed.

Hi Jonny T
Thanks for the reply, still no further forward, you will have to excuse my ignorance, but as im running Sierra charts and IB together, IB will be showing one price, sierra charts will then be showing a price that is 10 mins behind the actual real time price. How can I get sierra charts to show the current price?
Hi Peter,

Are you using the right feed into Sierra? The right instrument/ cash/ futures? IB don't do delayed feeds.
I am trying to trade DOW $5 mini futures, using IB TWS and Sierra charts. I had my sierra charts set up with a mytrack feed, but understand that you cannot get real time data for Dow $5mini futures. I understand that IB's feed will give real time data and have set up sierra charts to accept my IB feed. The problem that I am experiecing is that I am still getting delayed data, as I would with the mytrack feed i.e as it is 4.10 now my charts will only be showing at 4.00.
wivus, you have to enable live feed for mini dow in mytrack that will then feed through to sierra
Thanks for the reply.
I was under the understanding that you could use the live feed from IB instead of mytrack.
The problem that I am having is that the live feed from IB is working ok, ie data is coming through ok for the index that I am trying to trade, but it is about 10 minutes behind, very much the same as mytrack is.
What i need to know is, have I perhaps not done something when ive set the IB feed up, that is making the data delayed by 10 mins?
Would appreciate you help.
Not if he wants to use the IB feed, surely? I think what Peter is saying is that he wants to use the IB feed for intraday trading, but doesnt want to pay the extra $30 to subscribe to CBOT via MyTrack.

This question is relevant to me too, because I am about to go live with IB myself and currently use Sierra/MyTrack.
emini for the dow is free with mybroker, ; entitlements/exchanges - tick the 2 box's- cbotdly and cbotlimit, but if the issue is with sierra then go to the web site help forum and there will be somebody to give advice.
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Ok,from my previous posts forget I mentioned mytrack.
I have a feed from my IB account that I wish to use with sierra charts. I have set up sierra charts to accpt my IB feed.
I wish to trade $5 Dow mini Futures that use the symbol YM on IB but Q`U on Sierra charts. My IB feed is sending through data ok and is drawing the charts ok, which leads me to beleive that the feed is connected ok. The problem I am having is that the data that is coming through is 10 minutes behind and not real time.
Does anybody know what the problem could be?
wvus, at the top of sierra chart, click on help/web site/support help and scroll down all the posts, there might be something relevant to your problem, if not then post something and somebody will advise.

I think I have it!!

You are running Mytrack feed at the moment? If you want to run IB feed you need another copy of Sierra installed in a different location. Cos Sierra can't run both feeds at the same time.

With IB, the ticker you should be using is YM- 200309-ACE
if your chart isn't showing that ticker then you don't have the correct IB feed. I ahev it running at the mo and it works honest :)
Okay, let's just check back on a few things.

IB: in configure/API/socket port. Make sure enable active is ticked.

Make sure you are subscribed for the market data ie YM mini dow and when you add this to the ib trading screen you have put it up as futures.

Sierra Charts:Intraday file update list under edit. Add
YM-200309-ACE and ok that.

Then file, new open intraday chart. YM should be in there. double click to open. It will default to a 15 bar chart. adjust chart as you want it then save as to title it.

Next time you open SIerra it wil be in the chartbook section.

If this doesn't work get back to us
The other thing of note is that when you run IB data into Sierra you get a pop-up window on your IB TWS software which says something like 'Accept incoming connection?', and you have to click OK. If you don't get this then you are not getting the IB data, but are using myTrack's delayed.
If he is getting delayed data then he is running MyTrack and not IB feed...

Thanks guys for all your help. Now seem to have it sorted and up and running using a my track feed.
One last thing can somebody confirm the ticker symbols i need to use, I am currently using YM for Dow mini futures on my IB trader station and Q`U on sierra charts, is this correct?
Thanks again

Hi guys just thought I'd reactive this thread because now I'm having trouble with my IB feed!!! LOL

When I open up Sierra (whilst TWS is running) I get the little "accept incoming connection" box on TWS but then I also get this : "Data Feed Message : No security definition has been found for the request" on SierraCharts.

So, is there something else I need to do at the TWS end to "define" some other settings? I've got both "Enable" boxes ticked under Configure/API....

Or am I just stoooopid??? :eek:

Cheers me dears,

rossored said:
I also get this : "Data Feed Message : No security definition has been found for the request" on SierraCharts.

You are using a symbol in Sierra that IB doesn't recognise. What are you trying to load? IB doesn't use the same symbols as MyTrack, for example
I am trying to get up the charts for Dow Futs/S&P futs :

Mytrack uses Q`U for the Dow and ES`U for S&P I know so what does IB use? I figured from the above post it might be YM-200309-ACE and ES-200309-GLOBEX or something....