I need spread betting shop to trade


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all the US futures. Are there any? Im a system developer and I use spread betting to test my system for real money. The problem is that I can't find any bucket shop to offer Ag, and other lumber, OJ, coffee etc, my system(s) are predicated on a portfolio concept and money management.


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Hello TurboTurtle,

IGIndex, (based here in the UK) offer their clients spreads on MOST US Futures.

They have (I believe) by far the largest list of markets to trade, within the spread-betting arena, primarily because they have been around the longest (since 1974 or so)

The trade-off, ofcourse, is that their spreads are among the largest.

The IG Index Dealing Guide (see website) lists all the markets you mention, and more :
Coffee, Cocoa, Cotton , Lumber, OJ, Sugar, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladuim, Copper, Crude Oil, Unleaded Gas, Natural Gas, Heating Oil, Brent Crude, Gas Oil, Corn, Wheat, Oats, Soybeans, SoyOil, SoyMeal, Live Cattle, Feeders, Lean Hog, Pork Bellies, CRB Index.

+Most Currency Pairs, IMM Currencies, Bonds, STIRS, etc.
+All Nasdaq, DOW shares and all Main Indices.

I'm not sure what you're position is as a non-UK resident, though (regarding opening/running an account and taxation laws)
Perhaps speak to the spread-betting companies themselves about this?

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