I need a new workstation / PC


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If you are technically minded

I built quite a few PC's, servers at work and my home machines by buying all the components from www.ebuyer.com then assemble them myself. Not too painful but only if you are happy you know how to do it.

Otherwise buy a standard PC with the correct spec than change the graphics card and buy the monitors you need. Dell base machines are pretty good but they are expensive for any add on's (i think this is where they make their money)

PS Make sure you go for Windows XP as your Operating system for best multi monitor support and if you install it yourself get all the Microsoft Critical updates installed ASAP.


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Only trouble with dell's I've found is its dam hard to nigh impossible to overclock them with their bias config.. 2.8 p4 as CM mentions will run quite happily at just under 3.4GH with just small tweak before you have to upgrade the cooling...

Over paying with dell :eek: :cheesy: never :cheesy:



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At that price check you're getting at least 1 gig ram.

I reckon it sounds on the pricey side for what you're doing. The biggy though is what seems to be your insistence on getting 3 x 15" monitors. If you went for 2 x 17" or 18" flat panels you'd probably get more screen real estate, use up less desk space and could use a much, much cheaper graphics card.

Going for the Dell Precision I think you're paying a lot for the customer support which may / may not be important to you.

Thinking about it my dream set up would be:

2 x PCs with ordinary graphics cards, decent AMD CPUs and 1 gig fast ram.
2 x 18" TFTs.

You can probably just about scrape that for £2k and can worry less about the support as you have a back up.

I'd also want a UPS and a laptop if I was doing it properly.



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2k is easily enough for such a setup....

Medium Spec Dell (or equivalent) £750...probably less minus monitor...
Three 15" Monitors (3x£250) £750
Matrox Parhelia AGP card £250

Total: £1750

The Matrox Parhelia AGP card is great for a multi-monitor setup and I believe has 3 DVI outputs. With the above you would have a great trading setup in my opinion.



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If you are confident in your own abilities to upgrade your own pc nby adding graphics cards you can get Matrox G200 4x video output crads very cheaply (under £150 on ebay).

Com eto think of it, my PC consists of 1GB RAM (secondhand PC2700 £70) plus Athonn XP 2000 (secoondhand £34) all ex ebay.
Power supplies are new:)
Motherboard is secondhand (new unused) and fans are secondhand (new unused).. all ex ebay.

How to build a new PC cheep.. cheep (I'm am an Aberdonian:) ex...


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lol - looks like the choice of set up is about as individual as trade selection. Why cant traders ever agree about anything?????


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Whatever you do, steer clear of Mesh!! I've had trouble with them from delivery times to warranties. Lots of feedback for them on the web and for other PC sellers reviewed here.

Dell are ok, especially if you buy as they introduce some special discount. Have a look at their "refurbished" website Dell Outlet : The stock changes regularly, but many nearly new PCs can be bought at hefty discounted prices. I bought a laptop like this, and for all intents and purposes it was brand spanking new (even smelt new!) but was £400 cheaper than if I'd bought it new. You still need to have an idea of what system spec you want though...then filter through what is available at the time you want to buy.

This website is worth checking out for lots of trading info: Snappy Trader

It also has a link to here: TraderPC (seem well priced trading systems)

If you're confused about PC jargon, just ask here. Don't rush into buying until you know what you're buying and are sure it fits your trading style and budget.

Oh, and please recycle your old PC if not keeping it, don't just tip it :) Oxfam will take an older working PC, or check the web for other local recylers (Scotland hasn't got many unfortunately). PC's and monitors contain lots of nasty elements and chemicals which we don't particular want leaching into the water table via a rubbish burial site. :rolleyes: Thank you!
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