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Airthrey Capital

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I am ready to throw out my existing (and very old) PC.

I am now looking for a new setup better suited to my trading needs, and have identified the following requirements......

1. Must be able to handle 3 monitors with 1 CPU
3. Intel Pentium 4 processor
4. 1GB RAM
5. 4 PCI slots, 1 AGP slot
6. Digital multi-monitor video card with DVI outputs, controlling digital LCD monitors (15") with DVI inputs.

I have 3 questions....

1. Where can I physically purchase such a set-up?
2. Is £2,000 a realistic budget for such a set-up?
3. Does anyone currently use a system matching the above criteria that they could recommend?

I went to Evesham in Glasgow this pm, and they told me they could not provide me with anything to handle 3 monitors.

Would anyone, for example, recommend any of the Dell Precision workstations?

Any help much appreciated.


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I use Dell and have had zero probs. Cant physically pick up though - it's all done via call centres and the internet. My only advise though would be to talk to the tech department first about your intension's and requirements. The sales staff will generally tell you anything to get the order.


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Hi Blairlogie
I also was interested in changing my computer set-up,until I started to trade more often and quickly realised how little I really knew,so decided to stay as I was until profitable!!
However while I was researching this problem I came across this website "www.trikinetic.com"never bought anything from them but I thought it might be of use to you


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2K will definitely cover your spec... (small change for you GSCO boys ) :cheesy:

I personally would go to a local computer shop who build the PC to your own system/trading needs.. their generally more flexible + more likely to help when things go t^ts up :rolleyes:

Chartmans the expert on here :cool:

If that's not for you... then any new pc will run multi dvi.. the easy way is to add a matrox card ;)


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I personally wouldn't waste money on DVI....or 15" monitors.
Your spec shoule be a dual head AGP card + a single PCI card for the video. Evesham should be able to do that no problem . If they say they can't, then I wouldn't buy ANY PC from them. Stick with P4 2,8 Gig. best value /performance, being the lowest spec CPU with Hyperthreading... £300 ish will buy you a 17" LCD, nothing fancy needed, leaving a grand for the PC- more than enough.


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Some recommend these Blairlogie :?:


Although the website hasn't been updated recently :?: :?:

Have you tried emailing a few of the leading PC manufactures as found in computer buyer/pcpro ect labs winners section ... I've found in the past they've often bent over back wards to meet the requirements I've asked for :cool:

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BL - cobble together the various bits of spec mentioned in this thread and find a local guy/girl who builds m/cs.

You'll get all the usual h/w warranty cover from the suppliers they get the kit from, but you'll also get a (usually) very willing, able AND AVAILABLE tech support person if anything goes wrong. THIS is the time when you need immediate contact/access/response - not when you're buying it!

For my 2p-th - iiyama screens - not the cheapest, but the best around with faultless performance, service & support (UK).


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If you're going local make sure there's more than one person looking after you. I was let down when a guy took 5 weeks holiday :eek: If you don't know anything you're stuffed. Dell do on-site next biz day support. I'm sure others also offer it.
Good luck.

whatever you chose, don't go cheap.

Airthrey Capital

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Thanks very much for all the useful tips.

I will try and call Dell today to see if I can speak to someone who can help (as stated, preferably a techie rather than a salesman!).

Will also explore possibilty of someone local being able to build something and provide local support.

If any of you are using a Dell set-up with 3 monitors, I'd be grateful if you could let me know your precise set up, and if you're happy with it.

Thanks again to the ever helpful T2W community!

Airthrey Capital

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Thanks for the additional responses...

I have spoken to Dell who have recommended a Precision 360 with Pentium 4 and ability to run up to 4 monitors, and 3 x 15" flat analogue monitors.

Quoted me £2266...knocked him down to £2200.

This includes VAT (but not installation or delivery).

Haven't ordered yet as I still want to shop around.

Many on these boards seem to be happy with relaibility of Dell (but maybe not service)...

Am I paying over the odds for this set-up?


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Blairlogie - I have heard good things about kustompcs based in Ayr.


Not used them myself, but I know people who have used them and they were very satisfied. Just tell them what you want the pc to do and they will put a custom designed package together for you.
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