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Jan 21, 2016
Without divulging a huge amount this early on + getting to the point...

Background & Trading Thesis

This small (real money) account ($10,000 USD - Pepperstone ECN - see signature) is managed and directed by two individuals (myself included). We have a combined experience of just over 15 years in the Forex space alone (ignoring other financial backgrounds).

Our trading is split 80/20 in trend following and swing / positional trading. Trend following is algorithmically based (trade identification / entries / risk / management / exits ) and swing / positional trading is discretionary based (primarily simple technical analysis - no silly indicators).

Although I do write some programming logic, my trading partner is the true professional with over 15 years of experience across several major languages (a coding wizard to say the least...).

How we view trading

We know that there is never such thing as a "fail-proof" trading strategy and we understand that we will go through elongated periods of draw-down. It's a mathematical certainty. We therefore view trading first and foremast from the angle of risk. Our secondary focus is to make sure we stick to our trading methodology and watch for any material deviations from what we can observe about our back-tested results / metrics.

Purpose of journal?

To demonstrate that risk management is primary. Our trading is not always going to necessarily make money over the short-term, but we will over the long term.

Side Note:
The moment this thread becomes abusive, rude, arrogant or potentially dogmatic is the same moment I will simply discontinue engaging with it.
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Jan 21, 2016

We're currently in a longer term swing trade long on the CADCHF.

Because this trading account is quite small and the stop is relatively large, we weren't able to entertain 1% risk but something more like 0.75% instead.

Either way, nice clean chart. This is a discretionary trade taken due to how last week ended (bullish) on a significant s/r level.

What we're mindful of is that we could be buying into resistance and that price could fall off from this level as opposed to continue higher.

We'll keep a close eye on how the daily closes look in the interim.