How To Make Money Trading The Markets.

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Due to domestic interruptions I've only been able to trade twice today. Once I used a different set up to the one in this thread and made a small loss.
However this method paid off yet again. Actually it was +78c. Typo on image
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I hope Richard will not mind me asking this here, since it does relate directly to the method in the thread (which I have read all of, over the years). I'm trying to work out how to configure the IB platform and specifically the scanner to flag up shares making new daily highs or lows, as this seems the best way (or at least one good way) to identify suitable trade opportunities. For example, if a share is making a new high that day, in a rising market, you'd look for a slight retrace and it would be on your watch list.

Can anyone explain how you would set up IB for this? Is it possible to do it on the downloadable demo platform of would you need a live account? I can see how to open the scanner on the demo, but can't specifically see how to scan for session highs or lows.

Basically I can see clearly how I would trade this (and other) patterns, but it's the tech side I'm struggling with.

Many thanks.

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