How To Make Money Trading The Markets.

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The methods keep on working profitably 70%+ of the time. Exit the 30% or so early when they don't work for a small loss and earn a living.
One from today using the one method in this thread, QCOM +116c per share17042019qcom.png


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Hi Mr. Charts, thanks for sharing one of your methods with us. Some few questions please if you do not mind:

(1) Do you trade from the open of the markets to the close, or are there periods during the day you would not trade at all due to low volume, wide spreads etc?

(2) I see you have the EMA(9) on your charts, what do you use this for? I also notice you have both ATR(14) and ATR(9), why the two?

(3) Which do you use most, the 1min or 3min chart, and is there a particular period of the day you prefer to use one over the other?

(4) i see you cut your losses quick (most impressed). What criteria do you use, opposite candle forming or information from time & sales? For us newbies that can't read T&S and not yet skilled in cutting out losses quick, what should we use as the max loss (stop loss), the ATR(14)?

(5) I know this thread is about just one of your methods (rising/falling candles). Is this always a sequence of 3 candles no matter the time frame (1min, 3min or 5min)? Also, do you use breakout methods?

(6) On the IB scanners, what do you use for pre-market and during the market scans (ie. Top % Gainers, Most Active, Top % Gainers Since Open etc.)?

(7) Will you say this method in this thread (rising/falling candles) your favorite or one of your favorites?

Thank you.
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OK, it's a max for Shake Shack now. Stocks have been growing since 2016, and now it's a correction time. Maybe somebody want to sell short, but it isn't my style, I like buy long ;) Anyway, I wasn't interested Shake Shack, I don't even catch sight of their rise at the beginning of the year, lol

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