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This is a dream US stock market with the volatility and I suspect it'll remain so through to and beyond November :)


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Hello Richard, just saying hello, hope you are well, been long time, it's Max, one of your former student, cant remember the year though lol :D, perhaps 2011/12, I had to stop for a few years, family, babies and all, hoping to restart this year.

As usual, thank you very much for you still being here and sharing your wisdom :).
Interestingly, i was curious about the market liquidity, and the NASDAQ figures have risen dramatically with the lock-down, normally a good thing, although obviously depends on a scenario.

So, i know you said you stopped your alert service through your subscription, are you posting your daily trades anywhere, i was just curious, any chance you could share like at the end of the day perhaps, maybe once a week. Is your approach largely the same as when i studied, any substantial changes in tactics / methods, i understand if you cannot share here.

Have you ever used Trade Ideas? Anything useful there?

Many thanks in advance.


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I don't get what this continued thread is all about, all I'm seeing here is some guy who is posting screen shots and saying "this was my trade".

Not really grasping the concept/purpose of this 188 page thread, is the guy actually explaining anything to anyone asking relevant questions? If I was to hazard a guess here I'd say no, why would someone who's doing well in the markets post what he's doing for all to see?

Not being disrespectful just throwing out a valid point, or have I missed something? I see so many people who ask "what's this" and "what's that" with no response, a gloating thread maybe? who knows lol but for all you wannabe traders asking this guy, do yourself a favour and go back test on tradingview, pick a market and focus on it, test out different strategies as there are plenty of viable strats out there for free, they just require some study and patience from your end.
You missed the point totally and yet you made wise comments at the end of your post. Read the whole thread properly, there used to be an abbreviated version on this site years back, just with Richard's methods, perhaps it is easier for me to say this as I have done 1to1 with Richard but even 10 years ago when I was looking around it still made a lot of sense. He is not here for the people like you but rather for those who are listening carefully and who want to learn. You are not the first one and not the last one who will call all this stuff garbage, lol :D including my own scepticism a few years back until i had done my homework.
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