How long before black flag flies over Downing St

How long before the black flag flies over Downing Street ?

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An article appeared in this week's Sunday Times that could have an impact on we traders.

The article reported on a meeting of the Central London Muslim Association at which statements were made that included :

-- Praise for the killing and mutilation of American marines in Falluja.

-- A description of the September 11 attacks as "magnificent".

-- A warning that Britain must accept the "black flag of Islam flying over 10 Downing Street " or "live in terror ".

My particular concern is that last statement. I'm not sure what the Islamic view of trading is, but I suspect it might not be very favourable. I guess that when the "black flag flies", we might have to find other ways of making a living.

So how long do you think it will be before Muslims succeed in their declared aim of taking over the country.

(Incidentally, the picture accompanying the article showed a number of Muslims holding a placard with the slogan "ISLAM WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD" )
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Poppycock and propaganda

As usual this is propaganda - all the Muslims I have met condem the act of terroism..

There is no "black" flag of Islam (actually its green !) - Islam does not condone killings - its totally against it ..

Sure there are a few nutters but everyone sector has them from the IRA (remember them ?), I know that KKK exist in US and in UK we have the BNP - does this mean that the US and UK are racist ? I dont think so ..

Regarding trading - Muslims are against usary - there is a stock exhange in Pakistan - so trading as speculation is fine ....



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Pervaz : If that's the case, then why is it that so few Muslims speak out and openly condemn terrorism.

Most of the Muslims I know either condone the atrocities that have been committed in the name of Islam, or fudge the issue and will not directly condemn them

Good news about the stock exchange in Pakistan, though.
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Buy Gold I think would be a fair hedge for this scenario.

I would not be prepared to give up the rights and freedoms I have to live under some antiquated Islamic law, I do not believe it will ever come to that. I do not believe it is the aim of all Muslims to precipitate this. I do however think it is very important that as well as being aware of these Islamic radical elements in our own country we also look at the broader picture and see what else is going on in the World that only promotes this type of radicalism.
President George Bush tears up the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan and
that's okay. Israeli settlements for Jews and Jews only on the West Bank.
That's okay. Taking land from Palestinians who have owned that land for
generations, that's okay. UN Security Council Resolution 242 says that land cannot be acquired by war. Forget it. You see this is the balance.
One is symptomatic of the other. The people making decisions aren't so stupid as to think that what's going on will promote peace, they know it will promote war. We will soon start to see a breakdown of the rule of law in other Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and Jordan. This will lead to increased civil unrest in those places and will spread to yet more Islamic states. Yesterday fighting erupted on the Iraq Syria border which is dangerous in itself. It's becoming increasingly hard believe that the world is not headed for what Richard Perle calls "Total War"...and the interesting thing is that the markets really don't seem to have a clue.
We are now firmly on the "road map to war".

Franz Hippler, Hitler's chief of propaganda film, told Bill Moyers in an interview years ago, "Simplify and repetition. That is the secret of modern
propaganda." Stay on message, whatever the data.
SO Deaths are up in Iraq? We're bringing them freedom and Saddam was bad. No WMD in Iraq? It's a better place now and Saddam was bad. No evidence of any connection between Saddam and terrorists? Saddam was very bad. We're very good. We'll stay the course. Those deaths will have been in vain if we don't stay the course. Simplify and repeat. Simplify and repeat. Saddam was bad. We're good.


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Arab companies were our biggest players in softs futures in the 70's, as already pointed out they can't take interest on their money. They've got to do something with it ;)


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any one really believe the real British people would stand back and let a Muslim take over happen?
first major attack on Britain will lead to a massive back lash against all muslims.simple answer if the Muslims/Arabs/Nigerians/Romanian's Irish traveller's dont like the country. :devilish: GO HOME.


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Interesting point DowDog. Seeing that it is almost an offence to fly our own flag already so as not to cause offence to those who weren't born here... looks like the fist step to this 'Black Flag'.

A mate of mine works for an IB. He specialises in Muslim law and banking. You see, Islam does not allow profits to be made from commercial activity, especially for personal gain (or something very close). His job is to help other Muslim banks and corporates turn an honest profit while adhering to the Koran. Kind of profit evasion if you will.

I always found it a bit odd that any of them would listen to him. He's every bit the stereotypical City Gent - the kind of figure these radicals despise (not that Im suggesting they are all radicals)

Pervaz - Yes. I totally agree with you. True Islam does indeed condemn violence and murder in this way.

Ivorm - the reason why we dont see muslims condoning these acts is simple propaganda in my opinion. I dont think tony bLiar or bush would get much support (?) if their 'enemy' appeared to be on our side. Like twalker mentioned - 'simplify' the vision of our enemy to the people.

Although we moan about the immigration from these countries, I must say, I bet the average muslim is really pi$$ed when he gets here and finds it's cold and everyone hates him. Still I guess he gets a free house and income though!


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Dunlop 'any one really believe the real British people would stand back and let a Muslim take over happen?'

Seeing as by 2030 or thereabouts most UK citizens will be Muslim at the current rate of immigration, I think you will find it is US who are the new minority in our own back yard! Wouldn't Adam and Eve it would you!


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yes i would believe it ,same every where.stop welfare benefits
to people spouting treason.lift the drawbridge,remove the welcome mat. :devilish:


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..Gandhi was once asked 'what do you think about British Civilisation?'....and he replied 'I think It's a good idea..!!!'....

Now I see why...he was referring to few unfortuate ones...!!!


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Slightly closer to home, surely the biggest threat to our freedom as an Island Nation is Brussels, not Islam.

TB seems hell bent on dragging us along with him to the United States of Europe! Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

My ancestors paid with their lives so that I could live a free life. Now that little prat wants to give it away!

Who said it's his to give?!!

The sooner the Silent Majority wake up the better, before it's too late.


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'Who said it's his to give?!!'

The great British voting public - thats who.

I read an article the other day about plans to lower the voting age to 16 or 17. Apparently, youngsters are more likely to be easily persuaded by letf wing ideas. More manipulation.....

Salty Gibbon

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That is the big flaw with democracy.
The vast unwashed masses haven't got a bloody clue who or what they are voting for.
May as well give the vote to my dog.
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