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Just like every other business, you have to invest your time and efforts in order to make money. :)
Seems very simple, just invest and making money, but in forex business also already recorded many failure story among trader, so making money in forex also need pay attention with the risk as consideration, this is not quick way to become rich I think


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Yeah, I meant that by saying 'efforts'
Yes you right, every business if we want get result hence we need making effort, while making effort in forex business might we trying to become good trader with making profit consistenltly, and if expert can become signal provider etc


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have you good system for trading business....? i really frustrated to sit all time front of computer..
share me if you have ...on kellyanderson079@gmail.com or here...
Are you serious? :confused: Do you think anybody with stable consistently winning strategy will share their bread with you?
Hours of hard work, a couple of big devastating losses - the only that can help you to learn trading.


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I am new to this forum and yet I am learning a lot even if I just have a little amount of time to search. I am really interested in trading and I am looking forward to know more about it.


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Trading isn't really so hard. It just requires a lot of amount of patience, your ability to bear a loss, and your willingness to take a risk because of this ability.

You must be writing ironically, yes? It is the very things you have listed that make trading so hard.


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I been trading on/off since 2006...still not consistent although recently I found a holy grail......only thing that could blow my account is unexpected news similar to EURCHF!


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You must be writing ironically, yes? It is the very things you have listed that make trading so hard.
looks like fine ironic remark :D, though I think it was posted by the guy/girl who known little thing about real trading experience


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Very true. The game is just 10% knowledge, 10% technique but 80% psychology - your own psychology that is, because the only person who can make you lose is yourself. I have to go along with Mark Douglas's thinking when he says almost everything we have absorbed about being a good school pupil or employee or engineer or doctor or whatever, and the values we have learned about earning and using money, are the wrong preparation for being a good trader.
totally agree with TOM .........

getting a decent system in place and ensuring your execution processes are solid (MM,Exit,entries,platform, boker, IT etc etc )..is EASY !

honest it is .........even the system ........a good trader with good execution and instincts will kill a bad trader even on a simple MA crossover system

the real killer is the soft side of the process ..........where your head is and your emotions and your concentration ..............we are humans ........we are organic beings .......we are not robots .......its a great thing to possess generally as you go about everyday life .......but its a curse for traders !! ...........many things you have to do to win in trading will go against those hardwired emotions .........

that's why few make the cut .........I am told that flying a fighter plane (and also driving formula 1) also requires similar disconnections / reconnections to be made to succeed .....as again you have to remove some of the hardwiring that normal life needs .........I havnt done either but have sat in a few high speed car laps ........and yes .......my instincts were completely different to the guy driving ....hahahahahahaha :)



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Chinese Yuan (Renminbi): How long will it be feasible for China

I heard China now holds $2 trillion; Rogoff asks if they really want to be holding
$4 trillion in five years?
How long will it be feasible for China to peg its currency to the dollar at a fixed exchange rate?


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Darn near impossible. The learning curve is brutal, hesitate to say even that because implies that its 'learnable' at all. Not like becoming a doctor, accountant, a plumber or electrician. Nothing like da da da da da, memorize THIS and you know your stuff. Go make $ Nope.

Biggest problem I have in a trade is not the loosers, I know those. It's the WINNERS! Where do I get out?

I know what your saying, "that's a nice problem to have"?


Stay in too long give it all back. and then some is a real issue I struggle with.

got to know when to get out your winners as well your loosers!

got to know both sides of YOUR coin, fear & greed (loosres & winners)

they both tug at you all day everyday!

i overcome the fear part, working on the greed part.:cry:
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