How can T2W better serve its community?

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Depends on how silly you think the language restrictions are. Is there anyone -- anyone -- who does not understand what f*ck refers to?
I know exactly what that means. I'm not Fick.
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Looks like the slider problem is now fixed.

Well done team !!
Its still doing the same thing for me, on this page if you scroll to the bottom the scroll bar goes weird and gets all stuck. I have to close & reload the page to unstick it, its odd, ive never seen anything like that before. Im using Google Chrome.
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Yeah! We got a fix out yesterday, @Kaeso I haven't been able to replicate the problem, does anyone else experience the same issue? Also if anyone else still sees anything weird with the scrollbar, please let me know - thanks!
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All fixed here but have noticed the problem persists if I use an ad block, sometimes.
You're right DT its the ad on the far right which is fighting against the ad blocker to slide down the page with my scrolling!

ill unblock then..

its ok now @Sharky thanks :)

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