Holy Grail


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pick tonight is CIU.RTG moves up to 107% rise!!!!!

I've changed the routine of the grail slightly. On backtesting some of the derrivatives of the grail, I found that the current one (My2EDS) missed some big rises.I have now integrated and changed some of the selection parameters so that these "misses" have now been selected.The main change is in the volume criteria- reduced from 500 to 150.
Here are the results of 6 months relative backtesting:

Max prof. 107%, max loss 42%, AROI 54%, 114 winners, 52 losers, reward to risk 2.57:1

My2 ModEDS
Max prof. 107% max loss 42% AROI 90% ,71 winners, 24 losers,reward to risk 3.41

As you can see, the modified routine is significantly better on the downside.
Here is the chart for the last month using the modified routine.

see the next thread. I hit the wrong key.:(


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New Grail Chart

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