Holy Grail 17/01/01


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Tonight's pick is IEN.

Please note, that the grail picks are infrequent. If you don't see a post,them probably was no selection.IF I miss one, I'll post the next day.
Once a week or so, I'll print a 3/4 week backtest set of results .



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Thats weird,

I have copied your code and created an EDS file to test for myself but I seem to get different backtest results. Is there perhaps any other settings that you might have tweaked to get your results.

I would also be interested in seeing the summary results of one of your backtests.

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Check your MA settings.....and MACD = 5,35,5
I wouldn't worry too much, looks like your results are a tad better anyway- great stuff!
Your's is selecting less than mine so I would suggest your MA is too high maybe.....

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