Historical intra-day price charts/records


Guest Author
I'm trying to do a bit of back-testing to improve my day-trading.

I'm interested in finding intra-day prices of a range of UK shares during this month (for free). Open, close, high and low are no problem, a number of sources are available for these. But any more detail than that and I appear to be stuffed. I know ADVFN.com provide historical trades records but backtracking from close to 8:20a.m. for a heavily traded stock would take an hour or more.

Can anyone point me towards historical intra-day charts or other records?

Of course, if you can assist, you'd be welcome to whatever data and conclusions I can come up with.

I've not found any pure intraday data available for free, but there are a number of excellent charting sites on the web that cost nothing. Unfortunately most of those cover only US stocks.

However, ft.com has some good interactive charts with intraday periods down to 1 minute, and up to 10 days data. Daily charts are also available.

The ft.com charts are based on the bigcharts.com engine, and that site is well worth a visit - they cover most markets including UK, and you get bigger faster charts.

Hope those help.