Hi there

Oct 7, 2015
Hello everyone ,I'm newish to trading - been on a practice account with etoro for 6 months ish and now I have been trading on etoro with real money since the tail end of sept. I Managed to jump on glencore and had a 47% gain, 8% gain on petroleo brasil and a 11% gain on Twitter. I'm only starting small and trying to make sure I stay in the green, rather than rushing and making crappy decisions.

To keep my trading account intact I'm using a 3.5% stop loss, is this about right? I just don't want to loose it all as this is just a bit of fun and to see what I can make over a week. I'm not looking to retire anytime soon, but doing some selling and buying is better than getting 1% interest from the bank!

Also I was wondering what other platforms people are using. I'm finding etoro never has the company I want!

Any ideas would be helpful.