I need help!


Hi everyone

I'm new to the forum, first post!

I was using a demo account on Trading212 and messing around with Gold (no particular reason for gold) at the moment i'm not trying to make money i'm simply getting a feel for the site/app.

I reduce my virtual money to a pretty small amount because that's how I will be starting off in reality.

Gold is a CFD, I didn't really know what that was, i'm still not 100% tbh. As you can imagine not before too long the price dropped and the platform is wanting me to add funds to keep the position open, which I don't, boom position closed and I have lost most of my money (virtual money).

I also have a demo account on etoro, it's not clear (to me) before you open them what is a CFD and what isn't.

My question is, if I buy say... £1,000 of Royal Mail shares(random company) on etoro and the price crashes, what happens? they aren't a CFD. etoro doesn't let me reduce my virtual funds.

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