Hey all! Trading mentors?

Hey all,

I'm looking for some support on trading mentors?

I have a few platforms that I am considering using to try and find one, but I wanted to see if anyone had any they would recommend?



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I sugest you to search "mentors" and you will find many discussions.
Long story short: 99%+ are charlatans.
Focus on trading books written by reputable persons.


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mentors that can actually trade (and mentor correctly) are few and far between.......for example i'm fairly competent as a trader (would be embarrassing if i wasnt after all the years invested in it).....but a pretty average mentor ...i get bored and impatient with traders who dont listen to me ......I dont have a mentor at the moment ....may have to rectify that again soon...


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Are you sure that you want to spend the money on a mentor? If they flake on you or don't teach you anything useful, you'll be out that money. The internet has everything available for free.
Do you really want to invest in a mentor? You'll be out the money if they don't show up or don't teach you anything valuable. Everything is free on the internet.
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