Help needed re Interactivebrokers

Or try configuring the 'hot key' function that lets you use one key on your keyboard to buy/sell or whatever.
Thanks again for all your help, dont know where on earth I could
find so many people willing to spend a little of their trading time
to help out us newbies, Eddy.
IB Close outs


Forget the One cancels all function, use the Bracket facility. This allows you to place your stop and profit take order at the same time as the entry order.

When you have generated an order line (by clicking on the bid or offer) right click anywhere on the order line and select Bracket from the pop-up menu.

You will then be able to simultaneously submit all three orders at once and then "go and do something less boring instead" WDY
To answer one of the first questions... I quite like the pats' J-Trader for trading Futures, you can get it from Man, GNI, Refco, Sucden and a few others I think.. I just find it more user friendly and better to look at than IB, on the downside it is limited to Futures only (no stocks, options, etc etc) and the worst bit is that the commissions are much higher than IB. The brokers are UK based and offer local support/banking etc.
Sucden charged me £1 a lot and £1 a lot for J-Trader.
All things negotiable :cheesy:

Ftse future that is
no subject...
couldn't resist another reply to see what happens when i get over 50 posts : )
Just go to Configure->Order->Order Defaults. You can then change the defaults by type (Stock, Future Option etc), or add a symbol and then the set defaults for that particular symbol.

Go to Configure, Order, Order Defaults ... then click on FUT on the left column (assuming you want to change the futures, otherwise click STK for stocks) and at the top change LMT to MKT.

This is also the place where you go to change your stop offsets, and the default size of order.
Thanks Skim, also just accidentally made $15 testing it out :cheesy: ...oops

While we're on the subject of IB, does anyone else get problems with java.exe errors?

Hi oatman

Yes you can go up the top to configure and default settings and click the appropriate buttons

regards mark

No I dont get any Jave.exe errors. I use Windows XP in case you needed to know. What OS are you on and whattype of errors are you getting ?

Trader, I'm on XPHome. An error window comes up "java.exe has created an error and will close". Option to report the error. Whatever you do IB exits. I found a bit on Google which suggests memory might be the problem. I've had other problems, especially with IE6 errors. Friend of mine, very knowledgeable in computers, thinks I might have a duff memory stick which gives up under pressure. I've only got 256MB RAM so I'm buying another 256 tomorrow to swap over and test. I'm going to check cards and cables etc. as well.
We'll have to wait and see......


You may have done this already but just in case check the following:

Go to Control Panel and select "Java Plug In"

Select "Browser" and make sure all options are "Unticked"

I had a problem until I did this.

Also what version of Java are you using ?


Hi Paul, I've just unchecked IE. I'm running 1.4.2. Enable caching is checked and set to Maximum 50MB. Jar compression set to none.


That is the same as the settings I have and you may now find that (with IE unchecked), the problems will go away.