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Hi all,
As I sit here (missing countless trading opportunities) I wondered whether the T2W community could help me at all. Basically I am having four problems with Interactive brokers:-

1) I have installed the latest version of TWS and am trying to connect but after the 90th attempt I have given up. I know that my broadband connection is functioning as I am logged into esignal real time charts and data feed

So I thought I'd

2) Contact Interactive via their comprehensive website. Using the two numbers listed 00 41 41 726 9500 and 0800 42 276537 I was greeted with "Sorry the number you have dialled has not been recognised"

So I thought I'd

3) Sent an e mail to help@ . No response after 4th request so I have given up :eek:

4) Paid £4000-00 value 12/06 to Interactive brokers but yes surprise surprise they haven't received the money. I have contacted my bank and they inform that the money was sent :eek:

I am sure that I am one hell of an unlucky guy. If anyone fancies lending a hand as IB don't seem too bothered. Oh by the way anyone got any other good broker recommendations. As the saying goes "you only get what you pay for" :eek:

Disgruntled and p@@sed off FTSEBOY :eek:

Did you confirm using IB website that you had wired them some cash?

Also when you wired the cash did you tell the back your IB username details etc..

You will not be able to login into TWS until they have confirmed your account position via email.

I had no problem with setting up the account and everything OK with IB for the last 6 months apart from the odd logout of TWS.

Good luck


Don't despair. This is the worst bit. Speak to most IB customers and they will tell you the account opening bit is the worst bit :)

Did you fill in an online deposit form before you sent the money?

It takes about 5-6 days for money to go though.

As to the TWS problem have you downloaded the standalone version?

The first of those two numbers 0041 41 726 9500 seems to work OK. I just tried it.
Thanks guys (and girl) for the prompt repsonse. I initially set up the account with £1450-00. When I went to trade to JUN03 FTSE I was told that I never had enough margin £1875-00 x 2 (which is the size I will trade to start with). So I pledged another £4000-00 on Thursday of last week using the same banking instructions and same references i.e user name account number etc.
With regards to the version of TWS I have currently got the TWS version 4.0 (according to my desk top icon) installed. I think I've got the right version as it has been working fine for the last two weeks. What is the difference? Shall I install a different one. So that you know I running off a Sony PCG-GRZ515G laptop with CPU 2.40GHz P4, 30GB hardrive, and 256MB ram which I believe is adequate enough coupled with Telewest Broadband.
Any thoughts?
I agree with the above. If you have not notified IB via the website that you are transferring funds to them it will never appear in your account. I remember Skim saying that whenever she transfers funds to IB she always makes sure it is an unusual amount say something like £2013. The fact that the number is unusual makes it easier to spot as opposed to £2000 which many people may transfer. Try the number again and also, as Helen has said, it can take several days to be credited but not normally longer than a week.

Good Luck

IB upgraded the TWS platform this morning, it might be worth you trying that via the Check for TWS updates on your programme list.
When I've sent money it's appeared in my account the same day. I have always filled in the online form.

I have never had TWS log me out, nor have I ever lost connection to IB.

The only problems I have had have been Globex and not IB.

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IB Upgrade

Has anyone tried to download the IB upgrade ? Only I tried and it cannot find the file.

I have just subscribed to IB because so many of you are always
saying nice things about it, I have the demo version for the time
being and have 30 days to activate my account. I am really trying
to find my way around TWS (spent 9 and a bit hours today) but I
still dont understand how to close a trade with confidence, I dont
want to find out the hard way in a real money situation.I guess
this is really a dumb question but I can't think of any other way.

Thanks Eddy.
There are many ways to do this, perhaps that's why you're a bit bewildered ?

I usually set up two order lines in advance - one to Buy and one to Sell.
(Right Click on the line containing your chosen instrument and select Buy or Sell. An order line will appear, which you can modify if you wish.)
Whichever order line (buy or sell) I use to open the trade means the other one is there to close it.
I just hit the Transmit button to action the order.
This method is only useful for trades which you constantly watch.
If you want to be able to leave the screen after you have entered a position, you need to set up your Target exit order and stop-loss Order and join them together under a One Cancels All order.
If you don't do this, then after one of your levels has been hit (target or Stop) the other order is still sitting there waiting to be executed if it's limit is hit.
I got caught by this once. Fortunately I made a profit from it, but it could have been nasty because I didn't realise I had an order open until the next day)

Probably the best way to ensure that you can close a trade is as shown in the below example. In this case I have set up the S&P Mini as the instrument to trade. I have decided that I want to sell it and to ensure that I can get out immediately if I need to I have also set up a Buy order. At this moment no order has been transmitted. So to do this I have clicked on "Ask" first which will be my stop order when I need to use it to close the trade and then I clicked on "Bid" which will be my first order to sell the S&P Mini.

You can also see that I have clicked on the type of order and to close the trade I can set a "Stop" order and then fix the price I want to stop at or I could just leave it as a market order and be ready to close it when I feel I am ready to close.

So to open the trade I will now click on The red "T" and the order is transmitted and I will get filled and the line will now disappear leaving the second line "Buy" order left. When I want to close the trade I will click on the blue "T" (which I will probably have as a market order) and then the trade will be closed.

I hope this helps




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When I have a position I do similar. Open a buy and a sell and set them to MKT. They are then ready and "loaded". You can set up other orders while still being ready for the unexpected! :eek: Someone also pointed out that it's wise to move your T button away from the centre of your screen so you don't hit it by mistake.