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I want to have real-time and end-of-day data for trading; I am also interested in Level II. Under such circumstances, is it better to get broadband?

If so, which kind of broadband should I go for? For example, from NTL, there are packages that are 3, 10 and 20 times faster than the standard dial-up, while many other providers feature mostly on the 10X one. Is 10X fast enough for the data services I need, or do I need to go for the 20X one?

Then there is the problem as to which provider I should go for. I prefer NTL, because it provides 20x broadband at £34.99 per month. but its service is unavailable in my area. Most other providers either do not have broadband packages at such a speed, or charge much higher prices. What can I do? :?:

Please tell me your opinion. Thanks a lot.
If NTL isnt available then it probably never will be as they have stopped putting in new cable connections. In my view you dont need better than a basic broadband package unless you want to view hundreds of instruments at once. I know of people on the basic 128K package and they are more than happy with their trading data in terms of speed.

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Yep 128K is fast enough. If you can't get ADSL, then at least you should be able to get ISDN but that option is very expensive. You could feasibly day trade on 64K dial up with a fast computer....
Level II nasdaq or UK? If it's UK then again 64K is ok ish. L2 USA you need 500K broadband as a split second difference will hurt you, potentially.
No way do you need the 1 Mbit service.
Hi clylbw,

I already have pipex ADSL 512k, and it is more than adequate for real time data. There are 4 things you need to remember.

1. Latency - this is time delay in your data, less than 300ms is good enough.
2. The contention on the ADSL network, this is the number of users you share your connection with, 1-25 or 1-50 is ok.
3. You need to configure your PC with network tweak tools, so that the Operating system TCP/IP stack runs as fast as possible.
4.Use an Ethernet based router not a USB Modem for ADSL the speed difference is much greater, also make sure you run at full duplex 100 Mega Bit.

Hope this helps, try, if you do decide to take it please drop me a line and I'll help you out with the techi stuff.

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I agree with briskg, apart from point 4)

My own tests have shown that latency is smaller using a Nic in the PC (i.e. Ethernet presentation) rather that USB. For anyone with a USB modem get yourselfs a Modem/Gateway bundle presenting ethernet.

However the 100Meg full duplex is a red herring. The ADSL pipe is the bottleneck not a NIC so 10 Meg half duplex will make no measureable difference in this instance.

I used to use ISDN now use NTL basic and cheapest.

Trade futures real time.. and speed is NOT a problem. NTL cheap is about 256k download which is about 3 x faster than I need according to the line usage reports.

Test your system and speeds on PCPITSTOP. useful way of checking your entire system..