Global IT meltown imminent!


OK, so maybe the titles a bit OTT...

Has anybody else wondered what will happen when they finally get (usefull) quantum computers (QC) working?

As traders, pretty much everything we do relies on being able to transfer large amounts of data securely. When they finally get QC's going, it will be possible to crack the highest levels of encryption easily.

All money markets/banks would be open to abuse, no internet connection would be secure, your personal encrypted files would be there for the reading and your computer may be more susceptable to hacking.

Would we have to go back to cash? Would we all have to go back to pit trading?
Would we mind the FBI/CIA/MI5/MI6 knowing everything about us?
Would we mind our next-door-neighbour knowing everything about us?

Start stuffing your mattress and burying those gold bars in the back garden now!


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can u breifly explain what quantum computers are..... (i've already figured out that they are COMPUTERS! ;) - but what makes them diffferent, is the question)....
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