gimme back me money!!!!

Hi Sharkey, Gimme back me £15k on bby.....or are you away on your hols with it lol....
He's done a runner, Waldorf. Pocketed your money and a few others and gone.. I just had a look up on the bridge.. this ship is on autopilot.
Drat! Robbed myself of £345. Thought I was covering my TOMK short at 240p but forgot I'd left an initial stoploss in place at 242p which got triggered minutes earlier. Careless that. Almost allowed Looby Loo to end the week in front!

Though wait a minute.. something strange. The quantity covered didn't match the quantity shorted - which it should do if the automated stoploss got applied.

It looks like my tangled fingers typed in a couple of transposed digits on my manual attempt to cover.. and only then did the earlier stoploss kick in.. at the manually entered wrong quantity. How odd. Oh well - all academic now.
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Looby Loo ? Does he mean Me !
Been out all week, so not able to repeat last months hectic trading.
But its nice to see I'm second at close today - perhaps I should go out more often :)