Yeh had a stop for a scratch, so just a +2

toying with a short entry as we speak 1.6115 if i do
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BigIn TheCity
Just noticed my typo's I was long 1.6125 not 1.6025 and scratched for +2. The short was at 1.6015 just below the ema at the time which i never took because the family troop came home and i went to buy a new mobile phone.

Ive edited the posts accordingly. Hope that clears things up.

Ive just opened a small long at 1.6065 with tight stops at 1.6050.

Only risking 15pips

Have you any positions open?


Good luck
yeh am overall long from 1.59 (not a typo this time) I did see support at 1.6060 but didnt trade it as finger in other pie ATM.

Although i saw a resistance target @ 1.61 100ema on 15 min is acting as a reasonable res point and as its moving down the profit potential was not significant enough for me IMO

Good luck with it, oh and well done on the last trade some nice points in the bag
Finding resistance on the ema @1.6090.. nice little move up though... should really consider day trading cable... but i dont need to.

BigIn TheCity
Did i read correct that you only trade cable?
I have a dabble on euro/dollar from time to time.

Only started looking at the dow and us markets, why i left it so long is beyond me lol
Asymetrical Triangle

Lets see if i can put my B@lls on the block again without getting them slapped. lol

Asymmetrical triangle with a 40 point target should be due for a BO soon. But like my last analysis it may go belly up because am just not in sync. with it ATM.

I'd guess at a downside break because seems to be some strong resistance from the short term trend, 100 ema and 1.61 round number. Watch out for channel support at 1.6055.

Not something that fits my R/R but i thought it may be of use to someone


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Diection wrong... 1.61 BO of range 40 point target and resistance at 1.6140, support @ 1.6120

Long @1.6125
FXCM are really good, my father has an mini acc with them, however the spreads are a bit wide, i also like they news desktop but dont trust they forecast.
Yep FXCM are very good

Just short GBP/USD at 1.6170 Stops 1.6220

Total profit for week so far 310pips :D
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im also short in eur-gbp from 071, expect this pair to go under 7 , hopefully next week?
BigInTheCity said:
Yep FXCM are very good

Just short GBP/USD at 1.6170 Stops 1.6220

Total profit for week so far 310pips :D

Closed my short too early at 1.6130 for 40pips profit :|

Owell, 350pips for the week so far :D

i thought you was looking for gbpusd to go under 61

i also closed my short eurgbp at 025 however im waiting to sell it again, around 050's perhaps.
Yeah i expected it to rebound first from the 1.6120/25 area but it went straight past it.

Anyway ive just entered short this very second at 1.6140

Good luck