Futures-Trader - Introduction and Help thread


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Futures-Trader - Introduction.

Hi, this is my first post here. I'm starting with a thread about my own software. I know about the non-ad rule at T2W, still I think people who use my software might appreciate it, if help is available right here on their favourite board.

I'll introduce the software for those who don't know it, then let members decide whether they want a thread here. I'll be around & give help as I can.

Futures-Trader V2 is a trading frontend for the IB TWS & also a powerful Simulator, which can help you learn to trade futures or trading new strategies, without market exposure. The Simulator is free to use and I thought it might be helpful to members.
It's main purpose is to trade futures. A description & documentation can be found at (www.futures-trader.net)

You'll need a datafeed to get real time quotes to Simtrade with FT. Datafeeds supported are IB, ESignal (& by the end of next week latest: IQFeed). FT also gives you the ability to trade Playbacks from ESignal or Ensign (even over a LAN). All the files necessery to build the bridge between ESignal or Ensign & Futures-Trader are included.

The software has two different Order entry systems, a Dome (for copyright issues called Tower) & a Tradedesk, similar to other IB Frontends or eg. J-Trader. It also has a lot of windows or modules, performing different tasks you may need. What you don't need - just switch off.

All windows, including the Order entry systems, can be scaled & moved anywhere on the platform. You can float the Windows relevant for trading to any location on your screen(s). Layout's can be saved.

Most user's seeing FT for the first time, think: Oh no, that's too much stuff. I have to agree, that in the 2 years of development & 1.5 years on the market a lot of ideas from real traders like you, got implemented, without deleting older stuff. But FT has very extensive menus which allow for enabling or disabling most of the features buttons. If you have any questions I'll answer them

Best regards, Chris (aka croc)

Btw. If you have any suggestions, let me know. I like to add new ideas, which will continue to give us the edge we need in trading.
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Thanks for telling the members about your software. You're right about the advertising! Its helpul though to give people a chance to do some simulated trading at no extra cost using either their IB feed or some data only feeds with an opportunity to have the developer answer questions.


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Hi Chris,
I have recently been reading your posts on the Challenge threads on marketpuzzle.com. It's too bad more people dont post on that site because there is some really good stuff on it.

A scalping day trader has recently started posting a journal on there, the quality of the charts and trade descriptions is excellent, the trader posts under the name Calm Trader and all the posts are contained in the day trading forum, its well worth checking out imho.

BTW thanks for your honesty in the Who is Woodie thread on elitetrader, it's quite unusual for people on elite to be honest and say they dont do much better than BE. In fact if you are new to trading and start to read elite, you could easily end up with the impression that 90% of people win at day trading and 10% loose whereas in reality its the other way around lol.


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thx for the reminder. I took the opportunity and posted a new contest there. Let's see, if some still have interest in chart reading. Otherwise I might now come back to a bit of stock trading, as I'm starting to look into covered call writing.

For the last months I'm mainly trading currency futures, which is the reason, why FT got a few add-on's there, to help with the cash vs. futures price difference, as I noticed, that in currencies, it's the cash round number levels, which are important and not the futures prices.

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