Futures course


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Hi there,
after two years of forex trading i've discovered futures: until now i've just taken tastytrade and cme course but they are just a quick introduction;
so i am looking for a in deep course and i've found smb futures foundation course and axia futures introductory training
i was wondering which one is the right choiche for a newbie like me???
at the moment i am studying at the london trading institute which is a good one but is designed for forex and i am interested in index rather than currencies...

BearBull Trading

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I have no experience about any courses although I do trade Futures.
What do you want from or expect to get from completing a specific Futures Course ?

marcela 2020

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In my opinion, so that you don't spend a lot of money you can take courses on youtube. It is great that now on the internet you can find everything to learn


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not all courses on youtube are useful and that is a big problem because it takes a lot of time to find the right one...and i think that it is better to have a mentor to guide you..


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because futures are traded in a exchange where everyone can see what happens in the market...forex is traded with cfd in otc market where usually your broker acts as a counterpart...
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