FTSE - the bigger picture


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Has anyone any thoughts on the bigger picture on FTSE?
My own analysis leads me to believe that in the shorter term,
we will trade 4300 and 3920, but not neccessarily in that order, and in the longer term , we will trade 3200.

Oh, alright then. I think the rise since March anticipated the
worldwide economic recovery which is apparent in recent data
(with eurozone a bit fragile).

Thus, imo, we are a little bit into a new bull phase and it's
onward and upward albeit in fits and starts. Any major pullback
is unlikely, imo, to go further than 3800 - 3900 area.

Whatever happens there will be enough uping and downing to
keep us all happy.

good trading

Back in February when it seemed that we might witness a real crash there were no shortage of pundits predicting where the FTSE might go. I spoke with acquaintances who work for ANL, one a stock picker for the companies various portfolios and one in corporate bonds. Both had been briefed to expect the FTSE to be nearer 2900 by March/April 2004. I dont know if that is still the view.