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i have been visiting t2w for quiet some time and i got the impression that here have some very good traders, and in the main time thought if i can ask one question ,

why FTSE 100 didn't cros 4096 (but if failed twice) why at least didn't go 4097, or 4100.

yesterday in a seminar we asked this quest to 120 people and none of them got it right, hope someone here does?
because of a natural resistance level around 4100.

you need to check your posts before posting them up genti. i've had to guess the meaning in your sentences! unless you're doing this deliberately...
not many replies?

Hi both,

the right answer is :

3277 (intra day low ) X 25% = 4096

im not sure if it has come to your attention but in many years a down trend lasts up-to 30% and an up trend 25%.

most of TA's will be surprise if does not turn back to 3800 at least.

All the best
This is not clear:

Intraday Low x 25% would be 3277 x 0.25 = 819.25

So did you mean add this to the intraday low which gives:

(Intraday Low x 25%) + Intraday low

which would be

(3277 x 0.25) + 3277 = 4096


on that basis can we now expect FTSE at 2867

4096-30% (1228.80)

I think not.

Trade wot u c,not wot u fink
im not saying in which market we are but what i can say is you are not going to get 3277 X 50% this year.

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Sir francis Bacon, a master in many ways, many more would appreciate this, if they knew his more famous literary pseudonym.
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He was renowned for executing his stop losses
especially when pairs trading !
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But he must have been a commodities trader. So he knows when it will rain and when it won't.
And a little knowledge does indeed become dangerous. I have lost count of the number of times I thought I was going to break wind and was proved wrong!
A3, what is the connection then?
Personally, I wasnt agreeing or disagreeing with the value that the FTSE may go to, I was just trying to clarify the method used to make the calculation. I dont trade the FTSE and have absolutely no intention of doing so.

actually 2867 might be a very good guess at the eventual low ?
watch out if that happens ?
of course the eventual low maybe 2468,2468 !
it happens to be around the 1987 high and 1992 low.