FTSE 100 Intraday Trading - October


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Ok, here we go again

Last quarter of the year already.
Where on earth has the year gone to ?
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Be careful out there.

You have seen those adverts - before and after ?
Well this chart is before the month starts.

You couldn't ask for a more interesting chart position ?


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You had a very late night or was it a very early morning!!!
Which ever your chart is very much appreciated.

Thanks,and staying with you, even though I am EOD trading,keep it coming.

LOL Keep out of the horse road
encouraging start.
long but still a lot of sellers it seems

fingers crossed.


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Bonsai - agreed; looking for EOD of 125/130 but Dow might spoil the party - any ideas?
ideas ?

would have preferred to see a false break of the channel line.
keep an eye on the 1 day sma
if the trend is still down, it may well fail to break up and through.
about 130 at the mo.

but it may yet want to fill its gap opening.

a/d shows a change of sentiment and is about +45
the march correction was 6.4% 247 points
the june correction was 5.8% 243 points
the september correction so far 5.2% 223 points
that's interesting (sort of)
probably means I am on the wrong side of safe !
AVZ is not acting well this morning, down 10.5p. Not the greatest vote of confidence in any immediate rally.
yes, eod

march 3861 - 3613 = 248
june 4207 - 3964 = 243
sept 4315 - 4091 = 224

the slight differences due to ignoring decimal points

recovering its poise a bit - was down 23 now only 6.5
it's as confused as the rest of us!!

barjon, bonsai

using high/low data

march 300.8
june 267.7
sept 247.8
the low yesterday was 082
you had ne a bit concerned there.

you're just trying to get me to close ?
like d4f ?

using eod or hl is a bit of an art form imo

trouble with hl is that they include the "testers" (upthrusts
and all that) as the market has a quick look at extremes
to see what it's like without any real trading taking place.
yes, of course you are right.
those (empty) spikes can ruin trend lines as well.
Are we about to witness a higher low on your MACD 60/510?

Bull trade indicated?
dont like giving very specific reccomendations
its your money not mine.
but I am still long.

and I do have an abc correction apparently complete on that
pull back.